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The prime aim of education is the study of human mind, infant, adolescent and adult. The system which ignores the instrument of study is likely to impair intellectual growth than to produce a perfectly equipped mind and the growing soul to draw out that in itself which is best and make it perfect for noble use.
At our School, the philosophy of education stems from the conviction that each student is a heritage from God. The school believes that each of our students was knit together as God fearfully and wonderfully made them.
Our teachers and staff work with this view of the children in school. The facilities and processes are built around this principle. Everything we do in the school is planned with this high view of God and His creation. So our teachers must study the instruments of knowledge and find a system of teaching which shall be natural, easy & effective.
Jalalpur High School (H.S.) is one of the significant academic institutions of Malda District, West Bengal Since 1973, it is looking forward to the advancement of learning with an unmatched calibre.
Presently there are 54 (fifty four) efficient permanent teachers, 5 (five) para teachers and 6 (six) non teaching staffs in the institution. Their co-operation, suggestion, indomitable courage and never ending toil have easily over come many obstructions and made Jalalpur High School (H.S.) really promising.
In this abode of education more than 2800 students are engaged in search of a happy prospect.
We have built additional class rooms to accommodate our students adequately. We are hopeful to extend the scope of educational upliftment to our pupils and wish them to enrich their learning experience in an upgraded infrastructure.
It is our prayer that all these precious children find a joyful learning environment inside this campus as each one of them is celebrated and cherished.
Let us all help our future nation builders in their endeavours.



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